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Measures of the new coronavirus (COVID - 19)
Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection

Many people are suffering from the new coronavirus,

We would like to express our deepest sympathies.

​1. Under Self-control, Reduction, Cancel of our activities.

On May 25 in 2020, it was announced that the government had completely lifted the emergency declaration, but the original activities could not be carried out immediately.

For some time, some of the ongoing preservation activities have to be reduced while keeping an eye on the infection status.

​2. Cancel of "Donation Guide Tour"

We will make a decision to carry out the program depending on the situation of the spread of infection (pandemic).

Depending on the situation, we will make a decision to temporarily cancel the tour.

For more information, please check the dedicated "Donation Guided Tours" page.

  • Wearing a mask or face guard

  • Body temperature confirmation (for those with a temperature of 37 degrees or higher, 2 weeks of activity suspension)

  • Hand washing and disinfection before and after activities

4. About the opening and closing of the cave

Please ask to Josenji-temple. (Phone: 045-851-2392 )

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