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Wishing a quick and complete recovery to the all victims of

the Noto Peninsula Earthquake in 2024. 

At 16:10 on 1 January 2024, there was a magnitude 7.6 (preliminary) earthquake in the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

Many roads are reported to be sinking or collapsing. Rescue operations in the affected areas have been delayed because of these problems.

We wish our deepest sympathies to all people who are staying at home or in shelters in the cold winter days.

​We also pray for you to rebuild the region with great strength.

【Saitama Venue】

​ "Yoshimi Caves" + "Symposium"

【Yokohama Venue】

​ "Taya Cave" + "Symposium"

【Optional Tour】

Free​"Taya Cave" Guide Tour


 JR Negishi Line "Hongoudai Station"

"Sakae Public Hall"

【Yokohama Venue】
"Sakae Public Hall"

About 10 min by Walk
from JR Negishi Line
"Hongoudai Station"

Program 5:

16:00 ~ 18:15

Symposium :

"Utilization of Underground Cultural Heritage and Educational Support in Suburban  Rural Areas"

(Venue: Sakae Public Hall)

※ ​​The following order may be changed for unforeseen reasons.

16:00 ~

Oral Presentations

(with translation)

Opening Message

Yasuhiko Tamura (Executive Committee for the Preservation of Taya Cavern)


Laura Genovese【On-Line】

 ( CNR/ISPC, Italy)

The ReMUSIT project: Dismissed Mines as resource for social improvement


Roberta Varriale【On-Site】

 ( CNR/ISMed, Italy)

Serbariu mine in Carbonia: tangible and intangible values for the enhancement of the cultural site


Yuki Chubachi【On-Site】

 ( Lifelong Learning and Cultural Heritage Section, Yokohama City Board of Education Secretariat)

Outline and Characteristics of Cultural Properties in Yokohama City and their Preservations and Utilizations


Takuro Ogura【On-Site】

 ( Lecturer, Hyogo University of Teacher Education)

Environmental education practices linking regional studies and regional education

-Case study of a collaborative class between elementary school and universities in the Taya region-

17:30 ~

Poster session and break


The catering of light meal (chargeable and in limited quantities) by 'Pura Sannu' has been cancelled.

Poster Presentation

※ ​​The following order may be changed for unforeseen reasons.

  • Yuichi S Hayakawa

(Associate Professor, Hokkaido University)

Multidimensional measurement of regional environment around Taya

  • Hiroyuki Yamauchi 

(Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan University)

Developing VR Taya Cave to Enhance Geographical Awareness for Citizens

  • Yasuhiko Tamura

(Taya Cave Preservation Executive Committee (ECPT))

Achievements of regional inquiry learning using TAYA Cave in the classes of "Period for Integrated Studies" for the 6th graders of Senshu Elementary School collaborated with researchers of universities

  • Masashi Morita

(Associate Professor, Yokohama National University)

Case Studies of regional design for Taya Town Area by university students

  • Yu Takagi

(Graduate Student, Univ of Tsukuba)

Spatial analysis between underground cultural heritage and surface microtopography using high-density point cloud data: a case study of the Taya cave

  • Laura Genovese 【On-Line】

(CNR/ISPC, Italy)

Dismissed mines and the ReMUSIT project


Panel Discussion

"The Potential of Underground Built Heritage as an Educational Resource"


The 4 presenters

Yasuhiko Tamura

(Executive Committee for the Preservation of the Taya Cave)


Chiaki T. Oguchi

(Saitama Univ)



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