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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy (personal information handling policy / personal information protection policy) of this mini-symposium is comformed to the privacy policy of the "Geo Heritage Research Group" shown below.


Privacy Policy
(Personal information handling policy / Personal information protection policy)

Enacted on January 30, 2022

Regarding the handling of personal information acquired by the Geo Heritage Research Group (hereinafter referred to as "GHRG"), GHRG complies with "Act on the Protection of Personal Information", "Guidelines for Guidelines on the Protection of Personal Information", and other related laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information.
   This privacy policy shows the policy that GHRG will comply with when handling personal information or equivalent information in various outputs and outreach performed by GHRG.

1.Information to be acquired, its acquisition method, purpose of use
The user information acquired by GHRG is as follows depending on the acquisition method.

(1)Information to be obtained directly from the user and how to obtain it

GHRG may acquire "personal information" as referred to in the Personal Information Protection Law of Japanese domestic law. "Personal information" in this policy is information about living individuals and is information that can identify a specific individual (hereinafter referred to as "personal information"). "Personal information" includes information that can identify a specific individual such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, contact information, location information, appearance, fingerprint, and data related to voice print.

(2)Purpose of use of information

GHRG will thoroughly manage the personal information obtained from users as follows. However, "name" is excluded. In addition, if there is a change, addition or deletion in the purpose of use, this section will be changed immediately.

1) Use for research, thesis, and academic presentations

It is used for various research papers, presentations at various academic societies, and publication of papers in academic journals.

2) Use in various activities

It will be used as materials in "policy review materials", "various classes and lectures", and "publishing related to the activities" related to Taya Cave preservation activities.

3) Used as materials for other publications and media coverage, etc.

It will be used as data in various publications and media coverage related to the previous two items.

4) Use for activities other than the above

It will be used as a material in the reports of various research and activity grants.

2.  Management of personal information

GHRG will thoroughly manage the personal information obtained from users as follows.

(1)    Safety management measures

GHRG stipulates strict handling methods for the management of personal information in an organized manner, and ensures strict handling and strict operation based on the regulations.

(2)    Supervise personal information management contractors

When outsourcing the management of personal information, we will manage the outsourced company appropriately.

(3)    Retention period and disposal of personal information

We will set a retention period for the acquired personal information and discard it after the retention period ends.

3.Provision of personal information to third parties

GHRG will not provide the acquired personal information to third parties. If it becomes necessary to provide personal information to a third party in the future, we will present the "information to be provided" and "purpose" to the user, and will only provide it to the third party with the consent of the user.

4.Shared use of personal information

GHRG will share the personal information of users as follows.

(1)    Research by GHRG-related researchers

It will be shared when used for research papers of researchers participating in GHRG.

(2)    Shared use with Taya Cave preservation activities

It is used for determining the activity policy of Taya Cave preservation activity and for various outputs. It will be shared with the members of the Taya Cave Preservation Executive Committee.

5.Disclosure / Correction / Suspension of use of personal information

If there is a request for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of personal information, we will respond based on the method prescribed by GHRG after confirming that it is the request of the person. Please contact the following inquiries as we will guide you individually on the specific method.

6.Contact information

For the handling of personal information, please contact the following e-mail address.

Inquiry email address :


GHRG may collect personal information via SSL / TLS via its website.

8.Enactment date / Revision date

Enactment date : January 30, 2022
Revision Date :  


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