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Saturday, March 26, 2022 16: 00-20: 00 (free online]

​[Free] How to Participate

Please register for participation from the "Peatix" site of the event / community management service.(Now accepting registration)


For information on how to access the event viewing page after registering for participation, please see the "Participant Help Page" under "Peatix" below.

Help on how to access the viewing page

This online symposium will be delivered using the "ZOOM" app.

Please download the "ZOOM" app for viewing

Please install it on your device (PC, tablet, etc.) and watch it.

"ZOOM" app download page 

Please be sure to read the following items before registering for participation!

-Notes on registration-

Please note the following points when registering for participation.

  1. Please register from the event / community management service company's "Peatix" dedicated website.

  2. Personal information at the time of application will be shared with "Peatix". Please understand this matter.

  3. Personal information complies with the "Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy / Personal Information Protection Policy)" of the planning and operation of this mini symposium. In addition, it will not be used for purposes other than the research papers of participating researchers, Taya Cave preservation activities, and the operation of this mini-symposium.

  4. In addition, please read the following "Notes on viewing" before registering for participation.

-Notes on viewing-

This mini symposium is free of charge. Please note the following points when viewing so that many people can watch it well.

  1. Please download the latest version of the ZOOM app and prepare for use in advance. (

  2. We recommend watching under a good Wi-fi connection (in the case of mobile phone radio waves, sound may be cut off or the video may be still).

  3. If you have any trouble while watching, please take care of yourself.

  4. Please note that the contents of this symposium will be recorded for recording purposes.

  5. Recording or screenshots without permission by participants is prohibited.

  6. Please turn off the audio microphone while viewing. In order to ensure good viewing, if noise is generated repeatedly unintentionally, the administrator may process you to leave the conference.

  7. Please turn off the camera while viewing. If many cameras are on, communication problems may occur, so please cooperate with "Camera Off" for good viewing.

  8. Please note that there is a possibility of temporary suspension or schedule change due to unexpected situations.

  9. Unauthorized reproduction of presentation materials is prohibited.

For people who want to prepare a little

We have prepared various LINK collections.

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