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Wishing a quick and complete recovery to the all victims of

the Noto Peninsula Earthquake in 2024. 

At 16:10 on 1 January 2024, there was a magnitude 7.6 (preliminary) earthquake in the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

Many roads are reported to be sinking or collapsing. Rescue operations in the affected areas have been delayed because of these problems.

We wish our deepest sympathies to all people who are staying at home or in shelters in the cold winter days.

​We also pray for you to rebuild the region with great strength.

【Saitama Venue】

​ "Yoshimi Caves" + "Symposium"

【Yokohama Venue】

​ "Taya Cave" + "Symposium"

【Optional Tour】

Free​"Taya Cave" Guide Tour


 Tobu Tojo Line 
"Higashi Matsuyama Station"

"Yoshimi Caves"

【Saitama Venue】
"Yoshimi Hyakuana"
About 13 min by Bus & Walk
from TobuTojo Line
"Higashi Matsuyama Station"

Program 1:

10:30 ~ 12:00 “Yoshimi Caves” On-site Discussion

(Venue: Yoshimi Caves)

  • It is a free visit, No pre-registration required.

  • In the view of cultural heritage preservation, please pay a visit fee.

  • A Q&A session by Kenichi Ota (Yoshimi Town Archaeological Center) is arranged on the day.

  • Two free shuttle buses to the symposium venue (Konosu Civic Activity Centre) are arranged.

  • If you wish to attend the symposium (Venue: Konosu Civic Activity Centre), please pre-register separately for the symposium (registration page is here).​



Move from 'Yoshimi Caves' to 'Konosu Civic Activity Centre'

 ※ Free shuttle buses (two runs)

  • 1st Shuttle Bus:

Dep. 12:30 Yoshimi Caves ​Boud for JR Kounosu Station

  • 2nd Shuttle Bus:

Dep. 13:30 Yoshimi Caves ​Boud for JR Kounosu Station

  • Dep. Bus Stop:

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