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Donation Return Gifts


We made original return gifts for donations to our preservation activity.

Donation Return Gift 2

Return JPY 1800 ~

Donation Return Gift 2

Return JPY 1800 ~

Coming Soon

Gifts in preparation / planning

​ Will be added to the donation return gift in the future

Return JPY 1000 ~


Donation Return Gift 2

Taya Cave Illustration Guide Card

Return JPY 1800 ~

2021-4-30 完成納品写真-002-Bright.jpg
  • All 43 sixth graders of Senshu Elementary School in 2020 produced prints of Horanai relief.

  • I printed the explanation of the reliefs of 26 places in the cave on the back side.

  • Printed on special paper that is resistant to moisture in the cave.

  • There are Type A and Type B with different colors and different print illustrations.

  • Anyone can learn the details of Taya's cave by walking in the cave with this card!

  • This is a gift for those who donated 1800 yen / book.

Type A
Type B
Back side commentary sample