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① Relief photography survey

[Responsible person] Tamura

[Work] 1. Juhachi Rakan (relief left behind, shooting details, inscription)

2. Bando Sanjusanreijo

3. Fudo Myoo

4. Otonashi Kawakami Dome x 2 (No entry area, no floor) * Including 360 ° shooting

[Schedule] As appropriate (undecided)

[Problem] 1. Insufficient number of workers (volunteers) * Two shooting assistants required

2. Shooting without floor * Safety confirmation

② Cultural property dissertation

[Responsible person] Professor Ogata

[Work] 1. All relief surveying

2. Deciphering the inscription

3. Writing a peer-reviewed dissertation

[Schedule] As appropriate (undecided) * Written from the beginning of autumn?

[Problem] 1. Check past book * Negotiation with temple

2. Contact with Mr. Asano (a local historian and a former elementary school teacher in the neighborhood) * There is a difference between the temple and historical recognition.

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