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Regional Co-exiting Projects

with Taya Satoyama, Taya People, Welfare, and Us.


To co-exist with Satoyama ...



Regional Co-existing Projects

For the preservation of an underground heritage like Taya Cave,

It is important to keep Satochi & Satoyama in the rural areas of Taya.

The aging rate of rural areas is high,

and there is a high possibility that satochi and satoyama will be left unattended.

Who can conserve the Satochi-Satoyama in the future, and how?


We aim for a diverse community,

We are challenging the co-existence of Satoyama and Regional Welfare

(especially welfare for people with disabilities).

Project for local communities to develop schemes for caves to coexist with the local community.


It might be that the huge, cave-like underground spaces of Taya Cave are part of the local landscape and climate invisible from the surface...

The landscapes and climates change their forms, but they have always been the foundation of our lives.

As long as this ground exists, we will be able to survive...

People have been living with the local climate since prehistoric times.

No matter how advanced technology develops, we cannot isolate ourselves from the local climate...

We believe that it will always be the same...

That's why we have to think about living together with the climate and society of this region.

If the Taya Cave is part of the climate, we believe that one of the most important conservation activities is to consider about coexisting with the local community.


Issues in suburban rural areas


What are the issues of the "Taya area" where the Taya cave is located?

In our view, the main issues facing the 'Taya region' are the followings.

  1. Declining birthrate and Aging population.

  2. Small-scale Agriculture・Inheritor・Inheritance issues in Satoyama and Agricultural Estates.

  3. ・The problem of fragmentation and destruction of regional space caused by the development of huge interchanges/junctions/city planning road due to the wide-area public works projects.

  4. Urbanisation issue (declining satochi and satoyama) = urban internal sprawl issue.

Problems of neglected satoyama and abandoned farmland


What are the problems caused by the increasing abandoned Satoyama?

  1. Increase in overgrown trees ➡ Falling due to strong winds

  2. Increasing abandoned bamboo forests ➡ Danger of landslides

  3. ​Increased disaster risk ➡ Negative impact on evacuation routes (especially at night)

What are the problems caused by the increasing abandoned farmland?

  1. Increasing devastated land ➡ Devastation of local areas

  2. Decline in food production potential ➡ Decline in local primary industry


Problems of neglected satoyama and abandoned farmland


In order to preserve the Underground Built Heritage of the Taya Cave for the future, it is absolutely necessary to coexist with the satoyama environment of the Taya area...

The natural climate with a satoyama like Taya area is a precious blessing for any person...

We believe that cultural heritage should be a space "where we can learn to know ourselves".

We believe that everyone should be able to share its value and that it should be a space that everyone can visit.

This " any person" should be included those who are physically disabled or have some kind of disability...

The true purpose of the digital data preservation of the Taya Cave is to play an important role in "making the Underground Built Heritage's Barrier-Free.

Therefore, we believe that in our future, it is also important for us to live in harmony with the welfare of the disabled in our community.




​Symbiosis with Satoyama

Taya Caves Preservation Activities


Satoyama conservation (bamboo grove)


Coexistence with community welfare

Taya Caves Preservation Activities


Welfare employment support business for persons with disabilities

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