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Neglected Bamboo Control

for safety of Satoyama.

Take measures before landslides occur.

Take measures before landslides occur.


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Neglected Bamboo Control

View of the Neglected Bamboo in Taya Area Abandoned bamboo grove

Bamboo forest has expanded its breeding range to the top of the cave. There is a place where bamboo roots are observed in the cave. Bamboo is easy to landslide, and abandoned bamboo forest is an urgent issue that must be managed from a disaster point of view. Many bamboos have fallen due to typhoons, and we are looking for information and cooperation to solve this problem!

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In order to protect Taya's cave, we have to manage the abandoned bamboo grove in Taya's satoyama ...

Is there a bamboo grove conservation method that is beneficial to both the Taya Caves and the landowners of the Satoyama in Taya?

So, we verified the use of bamboo and made it with Taya no Satoyama-bamboo products ...?

Let's start by cutting down bamboo by ourselves!

In order to protect Taya cave, we must manage the bamboo grove in Taya Satoyama ... 

Are there any bamboo forest preservation methods that have advantages in both “Taya Cave” and “Taya Satoyama landlords”?

So, let's verify the use of bamboo. Can we make bamboo products from Taya Satoyama ...?

Let's start by cutting our own bamboo!



​Free-bamboo forest logging

Participated in satoyama conservation activities such as logging of satoyama bamboo grove and pruning other trees with the Danka system of Sadasenji Temple.

We participated in satoyama conservation activities such as logging of satoyama bamboo grove and pruning other trees with Josenji Temple.

2020-03-12 08.18.15.jpg


Bamboo forest logging

We carried out logging work in the bamboo grove with the second graders. Even second graders can easily cut down.

We felled bamboo with second grader.  Even second graders can easily fell.

2020-11-07 竹伐採.jpg


​Cut out

Resumed logging of abandoned bamboo grove, which had been temporarily suspended due to corona infection.

We have resumed logging of abandoned bamboo grove, which had been suspended by the   Covid-19 in these months.

2020-03-25 サンプル切り出し.jpg


​Cut out

As a way to utilize bamboo, we cut out a candle stand for trial production.

As reuse of bamboo, cut out for trial production of a candle stand.

2019-12-22竹伐採実習 (19).jpg


Bamboo forest logging training

With the cooperation of Mr. Matsumoto Co., Ltd., we had you practice how to cut bamboo.

Matsumoto Co., Ltd .: ttp: //

With the cooperation of Mr. Matsumoto, we learned how to cut bamboo.

Utilization of abandoned bamboo grove
Bamboo Re-Use Project





Bamboo grove is invading satoyama forest. Bamboo grove on sloping land is also at risk of landslide. It is spreading over the Taya cave, and the roots of bamboo are beginning to become an another problem ...



  • 竹のキャンドルスタンドへのプロダクト化  Product of the bamboo candle stand

株式会社松本さんの協力でプロダクト化を目指しています。キャンドルは田谷の洞窟の拝観者が使用したろうそくをリユースしたデザインを社会福祉法人 同愛会 リエゾン笠間さんとの協力を調整中です。

  • 竹炭へのプロダクト化  Product of the bamboo charcoal

社会福祉法人 訪問の家 サポートセンター径さんに竹炭を焼いてもらい、NPO法人みちくさみちさんにパッケージ化のデザインをしてもらう計画です。​

  • 若竹を使ったシナチクへの食品加工化  Food processing into Sinachiku using young bamboo


Under Design Working !!
Bamboo cutting test
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