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Cultural Heritage Basic Research

with Associate Prof. Ogata, Tsurumi University.


Cultural Property Basic Research

Carefully shoot each relief.


Cultural Heritage Basic Research
Associate Professor Keisuke Ogata (Department of Cultural Properties, Tsurumi University)

Cooperation / Guidance: Associate Professor Ogata, Department of Cultural Properties, Faculty of Letters, Tsurumi University
(2017~) Keisuke Ogata Associate Professor (Tsurumi University)​
(2018~2019.3)  Akira Sugiyama (Prefectural Kanai High School)
(2018~2019.3)  Aya Nakayabu (Tsurumi University High School)
(2018~2019.3)  Hikaru Tamura (Totsuka Junior High School)
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© Copyright 田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会

Based on the private cooperation by Professor Ogata of Tsurumi University Department of Cultural Properties, we conducted fundamental investigation of cultural properties. We are proceeding with digital photograph record investigation of about 200 reliefs in this cave. Some reliefs are digging characters that can not be read with the naked eye. We aim to archive recorded photographs of weathering and degradation relief and to decode these characters by digital processing.

  • Survey of relief digital image recording photography.

   ※ with a high school student volunteer.

  • Consideration of relief

  • Inscription reading

  • Inference of age

Relief shooting survey is conducted with two high school student volunteers after the admission time.

This is an introduction page about the outline of the photography survey in the extremely small and high humidity space of Taya Cave.

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This page introduces how to decipher relief inscriptions in the cave and how to estimate the statue age. (It is under renewal)

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This page is the introduction page for the actual survey activities.

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洞内浮彫レリーフ撮影メソッド Photography Method

Photography Method in Cave

Cooperation / Guidance: Associate Professor Ogata, Department of Cultural Properties, Faculty of Letters, Tsurumi University

Taking photographs of reliefs in the cave...

What should we be careful about...?

Dark, narrow...

What kind of photographic equipment do we need...?


Here we introduce some of the difficulties we experienced during the filming survey.

Filming research involves these difficulties...

The passage is so narrow that it's very difficult to fit the relief into the angle of view!

Some reliefs are where only one person can pass through!

Reliefs are basically above the height of a person's head!

At the highest point, the reliefs are almost 6 metres high!

Reliefs and walls are the same colour!

We can't see the figure unless we use lighting to create shadows!

High humidity space of almost 100% all year round!

Condensation on photographic equipment! Lenses...

We asked Nikon, located near Taya Cave, for technical guidance and cooperation, but unfortunately they were unable to help us, so we are trying to select equipment and filming techniques by trial and error on our own.

The photography with the 360° camera (THETA) was done with the cooperation of Ricoh Co.

Ultra-small Space Photography
 極小空間撮影(Ultra-small Space Photography)
  • Cannot look through the camera viewfinder!

  • Must use Wifi or Bluetooth-enabled camera!

  • Small cameras

 高所撮影(High Position Photography)
High Position Photography
  • Cannot look through the camera viewfinder!

  • Must use a Wifi or Bluetooth-enabled camera!!!

  • Must use a lightweight camera!

  • Must use a remote rotating mount head!

  • Must use a 6.0m camera tripod ( less swaying)!

  • Use power and hand lighting!

  • Important to create shadows as the relief has no colouring!

  • White balance unevenness increases if too close!

  • Need to control the illumination intensity for each relief!!!

  • Cannot use lighting stands because the space is too small!

 超高湿度環境(Ultra-high humidity)
Ultra-high humidity
  • Condensation on equipment immediately after cave-in!

  • Condensation on equipment during the survey!

  • Condensation again immediately after exiting the cave!

  • Must use waterproof camera!

  • Condensation even inside the camera!

銘文解読・年代推考 Inscription Reading & Aetas Estimation

Inscription Reading & Aetas Estimation

Cooperation / Guidance: Associate Professor Ogata, Department of Cultural Properties, Faculty of Letters, Tsurumi University
Technical cooperation   : Associate Professor Yusuke Hayakawa, Hokkaido University  

So many beautiful reliefs in the cave.

Wonder when they were sculpted...?

Here, we introduce the reading of the inscriptions and the guesses about the age of the reliefs.

Now Under Renewal

文化財調査活動の様子 Cultural property survey activities

Cultural property survey activities

Cooperation / Guidance: Associate Professor Ogata, Department of Cultural Properties, Faculty of Letters, Tsurumi University

The following section introduces research activities conducted in practice.

 Visit by Tokyo Cultural Property Institute & Yokohama City
Public Administration visit by Tokyo Cultural Property Institute and Yokohama City (Cultural Property Division)

Researchers in conservation and restoration and related specialist researchers from the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo, visited the cave and instructed us in basic research. In addition, members of the Cultural Properties Division for Lifelong Learning, Yokohama City Board of Education office also visited the cave and confirmed the details of the conservation activities.

 鶴見大 緒方准教授 指導・調査 Associate Professor Ogata Guidance/Survey
Supervision and research by Prof. Ogata, Tsurumi University
鶴見大 緒方 教授による指導・調査

With the personal cooperation of Professor Keisuke Ogata of the Department of Cultural Heritage at Tsurumi University, we have received instructions on documentary photography methods, Edo art, etc. He has also helped us with various research and conservation activities. 
(Note: personal cooperation and not official cooperation of Tsurumi University).

 中高生ボランティアによる調査 School students volunteers
Survey by junior and senior high school volunteers

Volunteers from junior and senior high school students carried out the survey. A digital camera photography survey of all the reliefs in the cave has been carried out every Saturday after hours for visitation. The cave was a very small space with high humidity, and, in some spots, the photography was carried out at heights of more than 2 m. We considered the problems related to photographing under difficult conditions together on site and solved them one by one as we worked.