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Geology (Weathering) Basic Survey
地質(風化) 基礎調査

with Associate Prof. CT Oguchi, Saitama University.


What kind of geology is Taya's cave dug in?

Taya CavesWhat material is it built (in the geology)?


Geology (Weathering) Basic Survey
with Saitama University
Geology (Weathering) Basic Survey
Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University

Saitama University
Chiaki Oguchi  Associate Professor
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© Copyright 田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会

We are proceeding with engineering investigation with the cooperation of laboratory of Associate Professor Oguchi of Saitama University to verify the soil quality etc. of the cave.

  • Based on the results of the data review, we suggested the necessity of renovation to the sealed gate to Josenji Temple.

  • We entrusted a grant from the East Japan Railway Culture Foundation for the sealed gate renovation project.

地盤地質現地確認 Geological field survey
Geological field survey
​地盤地質 現地確認

We spend a lot of time studying the "layer breaks" and "shell fossils" that can be considered in the cave.  We are also observing the geology of the neighborhood.

サンプリング Sampling

We obtained samples at two locations in the cave with permission from Josenji Temple. We took the samples back to our laboratory to conduct various laboratory tests.

洞内温湿度モニタリング調査 Cave temperature and humidity monitoring
Temperature and Humidity monitoring in Taya Cave

We have installed sensors called "data loggers" in the caves to monitor the weathering conditions inside the caves. Those sensors monitor the temperature and humidity inside and outside the caves once an hour.

サーモスタット調査 Thermostat photography survey
Thermostat photography survey

We conducted a photographic survey using a thermostat camera to see if we could visualize the temperature changes in the cave. We recorded temperature measurements of the cave walls to examine whether it would be possible to capture the subtle changes in temperature change over time in a moving image. As a result, it was not possible to capture the temporal variation of temperature change on video due to very micro changes.

Equipment cooperation: City of Yokohama