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Environmental Basic Survey

with Associate Prof. CT Oguchi, Saitama University.

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Measure temperature and humidity ...

Measure temperature and humidity data ...

Experts / researchers / collaborators​ Under recruitment !!

Environmental Basic survey
Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University (Water Quality Survey)

(Water quality survey) Associate Professor Chiaki Oguchi, Saitama University
(Biological survey in the cave)Hiro Tamura (Private Buso High School)
(Satoyama Vegetation Basic Survey)​Yokohama City Senshu Public Elementary School 6th Graders of 2022

Geological (weathering) basic survey results have revealed that groundwater, humidity, and other moisture in the cave are important for Taya Cave. In order to secure groundwater, it is important to conserve the satoyama where the cave is located. Therefore, basic environmental surveys such as water quality surveys, tree surveys, and bioinvestigations are necessary.

  • In 2019 : We conducted a water quality survey and a biological survey in the cave.

​* Water quality survey: Saitama University Koguchi Laboratory

* Survey of cave organisms: high school volunteers

  • In 2022 : We conducted " Acquisition of 3D image data by SfM of satoyama forest floor " and "Basic survey of vegetation in satoyama".

​* Satoyama forest floor SfM: Saitama University Koguchi Lab

​* Satoyama vegetation basic survey: 2022 Senshu Public Elementary School 6th grade

In 2019, We conducted a water quality survey of groundwater inside the cave and rainwater outside the cave, and a water quality survey of a horizontal well in another part of this satoyama.

Mosses are existing around light fixtures in the cave. In addition, fungi are existing on the cave walls, ceiling, and wood. Furthermore, we have confirmed that insects and other creatures are living in the cave. Therefore, we conducted an ecological sampling survey of the cave in 2019. Volunteer high school students who are familiar with the biological environment are participating in this survey.

Investigate basic data such as types and dimensions of trees growing in Satoyama.

What kinds of plants inhabit within the satoyama? A basic collection survey was conducted with 6th graders from a nearby elementary school in 2022.

[Preparing now and recruiting volunteers]

Since 2022, We are challenging to acquire 3D image data by SfM (Structure from Motion : multi-viewpoint stereo photogrammetry) analysis in order to understand the high-definition conditions of the forest floor in satoyama.

水質調査 Water Quality Survey

Water Quality Survey in 2019

​Chiaki Oguchi, Associate Professor, Saitama University
洞内生物調査 Biological Survey in the cave

Biological Survey in the cave in 2019

​Hiro Tamura
(Private Buso High School)

Measurement of All Trees  ~Satoyama Vegetation Basis Survey since 2022~
毎木調査​  ~里山植生基礎調査~

Collaboration : 
Senshu Public Elementary school 6th graders of 2022

Underground heritage sites, such as the Taya Cave, coexist with the aboveground satoyama environment. For this purpose, a survey of every tree in the satoyama is necessary to understand the vegetation in the satoyama.

Currently planned survey activities include the following items.

  1. Understanding tree species

  2. Understanding of ground cover

  3. Understanding trees with dangerous tree height

Currently, we are in the process of preparing for "procurement of purchase costs for survey equipment and materials" and "survey of landowners concerned and registration of survey area". It is necessary to conduct such a survey at a time when there are no dangerous creatures. However, at this point, we are short of manpower, so the timing of the survey has not yet been decided. So, we are looking for a wide range of cooperators!

Now, we are looking for specialists, researchers, collaborators, and volunteers! 
Experts / Researchers / Collaborators / VolunteersUnder recruitment !!

Biological Survey in the cave in 2022

Cooperation : 
Chiaki Oguchi, Associate Professor, Saitama University
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