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The first period
International Bilateral Collaboration Research (IBCR)

2018 ~ 2019 )

​独立行政法人 日本学術振興会 助成事業

Promotion Service by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science 

"International Bilaterial Collaboration Research (IBCR)" Contents

2018-10-19 08.12.21-1-web.jpg

Collaborative research on Underground Built Heritage

with the National Research Council of Italy (Cnr)

J1. 2018.6 / 17-6 / 25
     Italian team visits Japan
2018-06-17 来洞.jpg

​J1-1. Italian team coming to the cave


Two Italian researchers team came to the cave. We exchanged views on the research and survey content of both sides.  We could confirm that Taya Cave is not stone but soil and that it is not colored is rare in the world.

2018-06-21 松が峰協会.jpg

J1-4. Visit to Matsugamine Church


After a tour of the Oya stone quarry, we visited Matsugamine Church, built with Oya stone in the city. We were able to confirm the weathering of the stones.

2018-06-18 鎌倉.jpg

J1-2. Visit to Kamakura Yagura County


We visited the underground cultural property in Kamakura with the Italian team arranged by Prof. Ogata (Tsurumi Univ.).  We confirmed that Taya Cave  would be differentiated by scale.

2018-6-22-23 日光視察.jpg

J1-5. Nikko inspection

2018/6 / 22-6 / 23

We inspected relief of Nikko Toshogu, and inspected topography deformation such as Lake Chuzenji, Kegon waterfall, Senjo-ga-hara.  There were relief commentary by Professor Ogata (cultural property specialist) and commentary on topography deformation by Professor Hayakawa of Hokkaido University.

2018-06-21 宇都宮.jpg

J1-3. Utsunomiya stone construction inspection


We did a tour of weathering and deterioration of stone Buddha and stone around Utsunomiya.  Professor Oguchi of Saitama University commented on the deterioration and weathering of Otaniishi, and Professor Ogata (specialist in cultural properties) commented on cultural properties.

 I1. 2018.10 / 18-10 / 29
     Japanese team visit Italy
2018 Visit Italy
2018-10-18~19 行フライト.jpg

I1-1. Visit to Italy

2018/10/18 ~ / 19

A total of six people visited Naples, Italy.  There are many underground cultural properties that can be called huge underground cities in Italy.  The purpose of these visits is a tour of stone culture.

2018-10-21 Catacombe di San Gennaro.jpg

I1-4.  Catacombe di San Gennaro (the catacombs of Sanjen'naro)


Visit the famous catacombs in the Italian underground space.  A common cemetery located outside the ancient  city.  The wealthy people were given separate rooms, and the general public was buried in small side holes and floor holes.  There was a small hole for children.

2018-10-22 Cnr meeting レクチャーミーティング.jpg

I1-7. Cnr meeting

(Lecture meeting)


Lecture meeting at Cnr.  We learned a study about underground cities in Italy.

2018-10-24 Pompei.jpg

I1-10. Pompei (Pompeii)


We were also guiding Pompeii.  We learned the merits of stone culture with an incomparable history and story.  The investigation is still ongoing.  We were able to confirm various aspects with detailed guides by Researcher Cnr.

2018-10-20-1 NapoliSotterranea.jpg

I1-2. Napoli Sotterranea

(Underground city of Naples)


Tour of Naples underground city to approach from the private house of the building of the Naples city.  This underground space has a few kilometers.  According to the guide, Napoli's underground space has been used in different ways with changing periods.  These underground spaces also played the role of bomb shelters during World War II.

2018-10-21 Cimitero delle Fontanelle(フォン

I1-5.  Cimitero delle Fontanelle (Fontanelle Cemetery)


This is the graveyard of the side cave.  There is a huge cave on the mountainside, and a side window with sun rays.

2018-10-22-3 the cave of Via Posillipo 2

I1-8. T he cave of Via Posillipo Sensors monitoring

(Posilipo Cave (Roman fishing reef))


A cave in a Roman fishing reef and fish farm.  The Romans carved side holes on the coastal cliffs and farmed them.  Inspected laser survey.

2018-10-25-1 National Museum.jpg

I1-11. National Museum

(National Museum)


We were guided through the National Museum.   Mosaic tile reliefs from the Pompeii ruins are stored here.

2018-10-23 Galleria Borbonica.jpg

I1-3. Galleria Borbonica

(Volbonica Gallery)


It is a huge underground cultural property in the city of Naples.  This is a space that has been changed for various functions.  Here also it can be utilized in such as weddings.  Meeting with an engineer who is creating a 3D model of this underground space.

2018-10-21-3 Catacombe di San Gaudiosoサン

I1-6.  Catacombe di San Gaudioso (the catacombs of Sangaudio)


An early Christian cemetery under the Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanita.  A huge underground space and urban buildings coexist.

2018-10-23 Cnr meeting2.jpg

I1-9. Cnr meeting

(Lecture meeting)


Lecture of a laser scanning survey project in the cave of Posillipo.  We learned that handmade scanners are also possible.  Also held an internet meeting for other cultural property conservation projects.

2018-10-26 GoodbyeDinner.jpg

I1-12. Goodbye Dinner

(The last night)


We were invited to dinner on the last night.  Delicious handmade traditional Neapolitan food.  Best hospitality!

J2. 2019.5 / 25-6 / 4
     Italian team returns to Japan
2019-5-26 JpGUtotukaDinner.jpg

​J2-1. JpGU & Totsuka

May 26, 2019

Three Italian researchers visited Japan again.  Visited Japan Geoscience Union Meeting held at Makuhari Messe.  After that, we moved to Totsuka and had a welcome party.


​J2-4. Nagasaki Oura Catholic Church


An excursion tour to confirm the management after registration of the hidden Christian site of the   world heritage.  Visited Oura Catholic Church.

2019-6-1 池島炭鉱.jpg

​J2-7. Visit to the Ikeshima coal mine site


We participated in a guided tour of the Ikeshima coal mine.  The experiential guide by the former miner is very easy to understand.  Again, we were able to confirm the importance of hospitality by stakeholders.

2019-5-27 tayacave.jpg

​J2-2. Taya Caves Revisited Cave


Italian researchers returned to the cave of Taya.  During this visit, discussions focused on the vegetation situation in the cave.


​J2-5. Visit to Gunkanjima


Visit to Gunkanjima.  We confirmed citizen support with a digital museum.  We confirmed the situation of local utilization by digitizing cultural assets.  It became a reference after the digitization of Taya's cave.

2019-6-2-3 五島列島.jpg

​J2-8. Goto Islands Hidden Christian-related World Heritage Site Visit

2019/6/2 ~ / 3

Visit to the World Heritage Sites related to the hidden Christians in the Goto Islands.  Chartered a ship taxi and inspected the Christian Cave.

2019-5-30 JpGULecture.jpg

​J2-3. Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2019 (JpGU)


Invited lecture at Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2019. 


​J2-6. Hidden Christian-related heritage tour


Check the status of the guided tour.  We confirm the importance of hospitality by citizens.

I2. 2019.9 / 15-9 / 24
     Japan team revisit Italy

I2-1. To Naples


4 people traveled from Narita to Naples by night flight.  One person is scheduled to join with a delay.  Visit the underground space of three cities in southern Italy.

190917NapoliA 001Cruising.jpg

I2-4. Sea patrol of the coastal eclipse wall


There are many artificial caves on the sea erosion wall.  Because there are many private properties, we visited from the sea.  We understood the distance between underground space, topography and city well.

190920Lecce1A 001Meeting.jpg

I2-7. Lecce meeting


Meeting with digital technology lecture at Cnr lab in University Campus Ecotekne.  This is a joint campus where universities and public research institutes gather.  The content of the meeting was a research technology and could not be disclosed, but it was a meaningful meeting.

190923IstanbulA 003GuideTour.jpg

I2-10. Istanbul Underground Ruins


Visited the remains of an underground water storage facility in Istanbul due to the transit of the airplane on the way home.  Unfortunately, repair work was underway and the water was drained, but we were able to confirm the advanced stone floor of the water storage facility.

190917Napoli1A 002Meeting.jpg

I2-2. Briefing


Entered Naples on September 16, and no half-day plan to clear the time difference.  The next day, we  started short briefing from  morning at Cnr with fruits breakfast.

190918MateraA 001.jpg

I2-5. Matera Cave Dwelling


Matera, southern Italy, has an ancient city with cave dwellings on cliffs.  Many dwellings have cave rooms dug up cliffs.  Rainwater collection system is in place.

190921Grottaglie 001CityTour.jpg

I2-8. Grottaglie Slope City


An ancient city on a slope land.  Leveraging the slopes, the entire city is building a defense and drinking water collection system.  Again, water is an important infrastructure element.

190917Napoli1A 001Meeting.jpg

I2-3. Cnr meeting


Staff meeting on Cnr's underground space research lecture and future policy.  Explanation of a new underground space survey project planned for the next fiscal year.

190919MateraA 001.jpg

I2-6. Matera Underground Ruins


Visit the underground church.  After all it was utilized while changing the use.  Explore the city of Matera in a distant view.

190921Grottaglie2A CaveHouseTour.jpg

I2-9. Grottaglie Underground Ruins


We toured underground dwellings where the poor settled outside the city walls.  People set up huge underground water tanks that made use of the topography, and lived in underground dwellings.  There was a huge underground church ruin, and a collapse due to weathering was observed.

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