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The second period
International Bilateral Collaboration Research (IBCR)

​独立行政法人 日本学術振興会 助成事業

Promotion Service by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science 

"International Bilaterial Collaboration Research (IBCR)" Contents


​Meet the art of Underground Built Heritage from BC Roman times


Due to the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus, our research activities in 2020 have been suspended.

However, our work to date has resulted in the publication of a special issue journal in Italy, as listed below, and a paper in the Journal of the Japanese Geomorphological Union (JGU), Geomorphology.

​"OPERA IPOGEA" published in Italy

Opera Ipogea Page1.jpg

Yuichi S. Hayakawa 3) , Takuro Ogura 5) , Yasuhiko Tamura 1) ・ 7) , Chiaki T. Oguchi 2) , Kisara Shimizu 2)


Three-dimensional point cloud data by terrestrial laser scanning for conservation of an artificial cave.

Damage assessment and conservation of underground spaces as valuable resources for human activities in Italy and Japan, Opera Ipogea (Journal of Speleology in Artificial Cavities), 67-74, 2020.  ISSN 1970-9692

Yasuhiko Tamura  1) ・ 7) , Chiaki T. Oguchi 2) , Yuichi S. Hayakawa 3) , Keisuke Ogata 5) , Takuro Ogura 5) , Masashi Morita 6)


Multidisciplinary conservation activities and community development based on the Yokohama City registered historic site “Taya Cave”

Damage assessment and conservation of underground spaces as valuable resources for human activities in Italy and Japan, Opera Ipogea (Journal of Speleology in Artificial Cavities), 75-84, 2020. ISSN 1970-9692.

Chiaki T. Oguchi 2) , Kaisei Sakane 2) , Yasuhiko Tamura  1) ・ 7)


Non-destructive field measurement for investigation of weathered parts --Case study at the Taya Cave, Central Japan

Damage assessment and conservation of underground spaces as valuable resources for human activities in Italy and Japan, Opera Ipogea (Journal of Speleology in Artificial Cavities), 85-92, 2020. ISSN 1970-9692.

"Topography" (Journal of the Japanese Geomorphological Union)


Hirohiko Tamura  1) ・ 7) , Yusuke Hayakawa 3)  , Masashi Morita  6), Chiaki Oguchi  2), Keisuke Ogata  4), Takuro Ogura  Five)


Practice of geography and geomorphology education in primary school using for The Period for Integrated Studies: An approach by providing classes to a small public elementary school in Yokohama City using regional cultural resources

Topography, 41-4, 343-361 , 2020. ISSN 0389-1755

[Author affiliation]

1) Taya Caves Preservation Executive Committee

The Executive Committee for the Preservation of TAYA CAVERN

2) Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University

Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University

3) Graduate School of Global Environmental Sciences, Hokkaido University

Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University

4) Faculty of Letters, Tsurumi University

Faculty of Literature, Tsurumi University

5) Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Graduate student, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo

6) Yokohama National University Graduate School of Urban Innovation

Institute of Urban Innovation, Yokohama National University

7) Center for Spatial Information Science, University of Tokyo

Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo


The coronavirus infection did not clear up and the activity was cancelled again in 2021 and postponed to 2022.

   J2.   2022/9/3 ~ 9/11
       Italian team returns to Japan
J3-0-2022-09-03 寝台車で島根に移動.jpg

​J3-1. Move to Shimane by night train


Two Italian researchers visited Japan again. On the day they arrived at Narita, they travelled by sleeper car from Tokyo to Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture.

J3-4-2022-09-09 秋田県鹿野市-大湯環状列石-縄文遺跡群 (web).jpg

​J3-4. Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture
Oyu Stone Circles,
Jomon Archaeological Sites


We moved from Shimane Prefecture to Akita Prefecture and visited the Oyu Stone Circles, a World Heritage site. We also discussed how to display cultural heritage.

​ Oyu Stone Circles :

J3-6-2022-09-10 戸坂鉱山跡+康楽館(国重文) (web).jpg

​J3-6. Kosaka Mine Office and Korakukan (Meiji-era playhouse) (National Important Cultural Properties)


We visited the Kosaka Mine Office, a regional development and mining museum around the former Kosaka Mine, and the Kourakukan, a wooden theatre next to the Kosaka Mine Office. Both are national important cultural properties. We then took a break on the riverbed of the Kosaka River to exchange views on future joint research.

Kosaka Mine Office :

​Kourakukan :

J3-1-2022-09-04 石見銀山(web).jpg

​J3-2. Visit to Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine


On the morning of the day, we met the Japanese team researchers at Izumo City Station. We went to visit the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine Site and its Cultural Landscape, a World Heritage Site registered in 2007 in Ohta City.

​Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

J3-5-2022-09-10 尾去沢炭鉱跡-産業遺産 1(web).jpg

​J3-5. Ozarisawa Mine Site1


Visited the former mine site in Oosawa. Industrial and cultural heritage site of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The mine site is 700 km long. The mine has been fully excavated since the Edo period.

​Ozarisawa Mine Site :

J3-7-2022-09-11 十和田湖+奥入瀬+八幡平 (web).jpg

​J3-7. Visit Lake Towada (a caldera lake), Oirase Valley and Hachimantai Goshougake Nature Study Path (a mud volcano).


On the final day we explored the caldera lake Towada and the Oirase valley, and on the way back to Morioka we stopped at the Hachimantai Goshougake Nature Study Path to observe the mud volcano's eruptive activity.

Goshougake Nature Study Path :

J3-2-2022-09-05 出雲大社・江島大橋・足立美術館 (web).jpg

​J3-3. From Izumo Taisha to Adachi Museum of Art via Ejima-Bridge


Visit the Adachi Museum of Art from "Izumo Taisha" via "Eshima Ohashi" in Nakaumi. I experienced a Japanese garden and Japanese art.


Izumo Taisha:

Eshima Bridge:

Adachi Museum of Art:

J3-5-2022-09-10 尾去沢炭鉱跡-産業遺産2 (web).jpg

​J3-5. Ozarisawa Mine Site2


We discussed the geology and rock formations in the Ogasawa mine shafts, while discussing the possibility of re-examining their value as a modern heritage site.

​Ozarisawa Mine Site :

   J2.   2022/9/3 ~ 9/11
       Italian team returns to Japan

I3-1. Closing seminar
CNR-JSPS bilateral projects

Vicinale Montagnola, 90011 Bagheria PA, Italy Sicily 


A seminar was organised to introduce bilateral joint research to date. Tamura of our association participated in the ZOOM from Japan.



I3-4. Nature Walk Event
from DownItaly Sicilytown Alia to Caves Gurfa,


The Japanese team participated as guests in a nature walk event from the city centre of Alia to the Gulfa Caves. It was a 9 km trek in two hours with about 200 civilians.



I3-7. Byzantine cave archaeological sites
Casa del Mastro, Contrada, 94010 Calascibetta EN, Italy Sicily 


After a walk through the town of Karasivetta, we visited the Byzantine cave complex with a local non-profit organisation as our guide. The approach environment to this cave complex was beautifully maintained. The rock formations were quite different from Taya Cave, and many innovations had been made to the rock formations.

NPO Hisn al-Giran Cultural Association:


I3-10.World Heritage Aeolian Islands
Stromboli​ Volcano trekking
98050 Lipari ME, Stromboli Island 


The last site of this trip to Italy was a trek to observe an active volcano on the island of Stromboli. This volcano is in constant volcanic eruption. From the observation post, which we arrived at after dark, we were able to observe the low rumbling lava flows.

World Heritage Aeolian Islands:

​ Stromboli:


I3-2. Closing seminarCNR-JSPS bilateral projects
Vicinale Montagnola, 90011 Bagheria PA, Italy Sicily 


The seminar included presentations by Associate Professor Oguchi of Saitama University, Associate Professor Hayakawa of Hokkaido University and Tamura (ZOOM) of our association.



I3-5. Gurfa Caves
Grotte della Gurfa90021 Alia PA, Italy Sicily


We toured the huge underground ruins with Aryan citizens. The size of the chisel marks is very similar to the Taya Cave.

Gurfa Caves:


I3-8. Sperlinga Castle and Caves
Grotte di SperlingaVia Principe Amedeo, 51, 94010 Sperlinga EN, Italy Sicily


The horizontal underground spaces around Spelinga Castle were a group of caves that were closely connected to life. It can be said that different rock types have different cave funtionalities. After lunch, it was a long drive to the port town of Milazzo, where we would be staying tonight.

Grotte di Sperlinga:

2022ItalyOffShot (1).jpg

I3-11.​Off Shot 1
Sicily, Vulcano, Stromboli Island 

2022/10/20 ~ 10/31

This visit focused on Sicily. During our stay, the weather was fine all day, and it was blessed with beautiful scenery.



​ Stromboli:

2022-10-22 Tomb at Archeological Area Solunto.jpg

I3-3. ソルント考古学エリアVia Collegio Romano, 90017 Solanto PA, Italy Sicily 



I3-6. Festival at "Parco Suburbano della Gurfa di Alia"
Italy Sicily 


The Nature Walk finishes at Grufa Suburban Park in the neighbourhood of the Grufa Caves. A festival was held here, with speeches by Cnr Rovelta san and Associate Professor Oguchi of Saitama University. In the evening we had dinner with the mayor.



I3-9. ​World Heritage Aeolian Islands.
Trekking to Vulcano Island

98055 Lipari ME, Vulcano Island 


The Aeolian Islands around Sicily were formed by volcanic activity. The rock formations are very hard volcanic rock types. These rock formations can be observed in the 'Aeolian Islands World Heritage Site'. On this day, we visited the island of Vulcano and trekked around to check the rock formations.

World Heritage Aeolian Islands:

Vulcano Island:

2022ItalyOffShot (2).jpg

I3-11.​Off Shot 2
Sicily, Vulcano, Stromboli Island 

2022/10/20 ~ 10/31

All Sicilian food was delicious, and as we stayed in many seaside towns, we were also able to enjoy many seafood dishes.



​ Stromboli:

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