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Elementary School & University Collaboration Project 2019
Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award
小大連携プロジェクト​2019年国土交通大臣賞 受賞

from GIS Associate of Japan


Awards for best classwork using GIS in elementary and junior-high education

"Awards for best practices in GIS-based lessons in primary and secondary education"


Geographic Information Systems Society 2019 “Awards for Best Cases Related to Classes Utilizing GIS in Elementary and Secondary Education”

"Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award" 

One of our activities, the " People Development - The Elementary school and University Collaboration Project", awarded with the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Prize. We would like to deeply appreciate all the people and organizations involved and all the cooperation.

Media-2019.11.1 J: COM
2019-10-19 20.57.48.jpg

Award Ceremony (GIS Society @ Tokushima University)


Award ceremony and award lecture at Tokushima University.

GIS2019国土交通大臣賞 賞状(Low).jpg

Certificate of MLIT


We received a certificate. The original certificate is kept at Senshu Elementary School.

2019-10-31 11.56.33.jpg

Congratulations party (@ Senshu Elementary School)


The mayor of Sakae Ward visited Senshu Elementary School and celebrated with the graduates and current 6th graders. Students were interviewed by various media.

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