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Elementary School & University Collaboration Project 2018
Taya Cave Sliced Cross-Section Layer Modeling Project ( S=1/50 )

with Yokohama city Senshu Elementary School.


126 sliced sections of Taya Cave ...


2018 Top

​​2018 Taya Cave Sliced Cross-Section Layer Modeling Project (Scale 1/50)

Cooperation: Senshu Elementary School, Yokohama City  
Yokohama National University Masashi Morita  Associate Professor
Associate Professor Yuichi Hayakawa, Hokkaido University
Chiaki Oguchi, Associate Professor, Saitama University

The University of Tokyo PhD Takuro Ogura

In 2017, the 6th graders created a model by horizontally layering styrene paper. In 2018, the 6th graders challenged to create a cross-sectional model of a cave, which is stacked in a vertical slice. Associate Prof. Hayakawa of Hokkaido University supplied laser scan data of the whole cave sliced into sections of 60 cm each, and the 6th graders made a sliced cross-sectional model of the whole cave.

This " sliced-section model of the cave" makes possible the clarification of the height and positional relationship within the cave, which had not been clarified before, and provides useful model data for future cave preservation.

[Model Name]

1/50 Taya Cave Sliced Cross-Section Layer Model


(0.8m x 0.44m x 0.34m) x 2 units

[Number of Pupils]

43 Pupils


[Inquiry Studies]

[Production Classes]


Associate Prof. Morita, Yokohama National University + Student + Our Committee

[Data Suply]

Associate Prof. Y Hayakawa, Hokkaido University (Cross-section 3D data for every 60 cm of all caves)


Our Committee

[Main materials]

Styrene paper 1.5 mm thick, styrene board (Gesso coating)

【Pre-Learning】Outline of Taya's cave preservation activities and regional culture, environment, and society (Yasuhiko Tamura)
© Copyright 田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会
【Inquiry Study 1】Photogrammetry and 3D models (Associate Prof. Yuichi Hayakawa, Hokkaido University)
© Copyright 田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会
【Inquiry Study 2】Geography, Topography, Ground & Geology (Associate Prof. Chiaki Oguchi)
© Copyright 田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会
【Production Classes】Taya Cave Sliced Cross-Section Layer Model production class (Yokohama National University Associate Professor Masashi Morita + Student + Our Committee Tamura)