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Elementary School & University Collaboration Project 2020
Taya Cave Illustration Guide Card Production
田谷の洞窟 洞内イラストガイドカード制作

with Yokohama city Senshu Elementary School.


Learn about Taya Cave by walking with researchers...


2020 Top

​​2020 Taya Cave Illustration Guide Card Production Project

Cooperation: Senshu Elementary School, Yokohama City  
Yokohama National University Masashi Morita  Associate Professor
Associate Professor Yuichi Hayakawa, Hokkaido University
Chiaki Oguchi, Associate Professor, Saitama University

The University of Tokyo PhD Takuro Ogura
* Associate Professor Keisuke Ogata, Tsurumi University
* Individual cooperation

In FY2020, model production was cancelled because of the covid-19. School events were also under severe limitations, and the school trip to Nikko was shortened. Therefore, we incorporated various stories about Nikko by researchers into the inquiry study, and also provided a "Nikko Study," which is not covered in the guidebook.

In the production class, the children made prints from their sketches of the reliefs inside the Taya Cave and produced a 'Cave Illustration Guide Card'. We produced an explanatory card for visitors to the Taya Cave, who can learn more about the cave by walking around with this card. The pupils should have experienced the difficulty and awesomeness of 'carving reliefs on walls and ceilings in the dark' through retracing the carving techniques of the cave reliefs.

Through crowdfunding and donations from the local community, we were able to print a total of 100 copies of the Taya Cave illustration guide cards, 50 copies each of Type A and B. The cards are distributed as a donation return for those who donate to our preservation activities.

​Even with the covid-19 Disaster, we were able to carry out inquiry and production classes as well as classroom learning. We have a wonderful collection of prints in which the primary school pupils have shown their ability since the Covid-19 Disaster.

2020 study plan

[Production Name]

Taya Cave Illustration Guide Card Production


A5 size (2 types, 27 sheets / type)

[Number of Pupils]

44 pupils


"Taya Caves Preservation Activity" (our Committee): 2 frames

[Inquiry Studies]

"Environmental Survey + Nikko" (Associate Professor Hayakawa, Hokkaido University): 2 frames

" Topography and Geology of the Kanto Plain + Nikko " (Associate Professor Oguchi, Saitama University): 2 frames

" Shrines and Temples of Nikko " (Associate Professor Morita, Yokohama National University): 2 frames

" Taya Caves and Cultural Properties + Nikko " (Associate Professor Ogata, Tsurumi University): 2 frames

" Reflection class " (Book Preservation Executive Committee): 1 frame

" Cave / Satoyama Observation Class " (Book Preservation Executive Committee + Morita + Oguchi): 2 frames

[Production Classes]

6 frames  (* Scheduled working hours for elementary school students) ・ ・ ・ Reduced due to a state of emergency

" Horanai Relief Sketch Class " (Book Preservation Executive Committee): 2 frames

" Printmaking class " (book preservation executive committee + Morita + Hayakawa): 4 frames


Yokohama National University Associate Professor Morita + Student + Our Preservation Executive Committee


Our committee + Associate Professor Ogata + Associate Professor Hayakawa + Associate Professor Oguchi

[Card Design Edit]

Our committee

[Main materials]

Print paints, pens, pencils, Japanese paper for prints

【Pre-Learning】Outline of Taya's cave conservation activities and regional culture, environment, and society (Yasuhiko Tamura)
© Copyright 田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会
【Inquiry Study 1】Photogrammetry / Nikko Kegon Falls Deformation Class (Associate Professor Yuichi Hayakawa, Hokkaido University)
© Copyright 田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会
【Inquiry Study 2】Topography and geology classes in Kanto and Nikko (Saitama University)  Chiaki Oguchi  Associate Professor)
© Copyright 田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会
【Inquiry Study 3】Temple and Shrine Architecture in Nikko School Trip Class (Yokohama National University Masashi Morita  Associate Professor)