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Elementary School & University Collaboration Project 2021
Taya Area Guidebook production


with Yokohama city Senshu Elementary School.


Against the Covid-19's adversity...


2021 Top

​​2021 Taya area guidebook production project

Cooperation: Senshu Elementary School, Yokohama City 
Associate Professor Masashi Morita, Yokohama National University
Associate Professor Yuichi Hayakawa, Hokkaido University
Chiaki Oguchi, Associate Professor, Saitama University

Assistant Professor Takuro Ogura, University of Tsukuba
* Associate Professor Keisuke Ogata, Tsurumi University
* Individual cooperation
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The guidebook is complete!

Distributed as a donation gift.

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It was the second year of controls on school activities due to the covid-19 pandemic. We have discussed with the teachers about how not to lose the opportunities for pupils to explore and learn, and we decided to continue the elementary-university collaboration project as in previous years. Our challenge was that "If the school should be closed because of a notice from the government or the Board of Education, we must create a learning programme for the pupils to be able to do at home, just as before, one that does not reduce the quality of their learning." And we will also create curriculums that will help the pupils to find out themselves to be able to do helping the community through their exploratory regional studies, and to foster their own 'Civic Pride'." .

In FY2021, we decided to produce a booklet on the attractive qualities of the Taya region for everyone, by the pupils and of the pupils.

The pupils summarized their discoveries and observations about changes in the regional environment by sorting out their hearing memos, graphing and discussing various statistical data, and using Geographical Survey Institute maps.

By visualizing various statistical data, the pupils experienced an "awareness" of regional changes and began to have thoughts about the future image of the region.

2021 study plan

[Production Name]

Taya Area Guidebook production


A5 size(2 types, 27 cards/type)

[Number of Pupils]

44 Pupils (1 class)


"Taya Caves Preservation Activity" (our Committee): 2 frames

[Inquiry Studies]

  1. "Topography and Geology of the Kanto Plain" (Associate Professor Oguchi, Saitama University): 2 frames

  2. "Let's try to look at the usual landscape with different perspectives" (Associate Professor Hayakawa, Hokkaido University): 2 frames

  3. "Let's use Geographical Information System (GIS) maps." (Assistant Professor Ogura, University of Tsukuba): 2 frames

  4. "Making our very best Taya MAP." (Associate Professor Morita, Yokohama National University): 2 frames

  5. "Passing on cultural heritage to the future" (Associate Professor Ogata, Tsurumi University): 2 frames

  6. "Review class" (our Committee): 1 frame


  1. "Satoyama Walk Survey + Regional Culture Survey & Hearing (Senshu Center+Joshouji-temple" (our Committee + Regional residents) : 2 frames

  2. "Regional Fudo Hearing + Regional Agriculture Survey Class" (our Committee + Regional residents): 2 frames

[Production Classes]

4 frames  (* Scheduled working hours for elementary school students) ・ ・ ・ Reduced due to a state of emergency


Associate Pro. Morita, Yokohama National University, Assistant Prof. Ogura, University of Tsukuba, Our Preservation Executive Committee

[Data Suply]

Geographical Survey Institute map (GSI map), Yokohama Municipal Bureau of Statistics data, Yokohama Agricultural Census, Sakae-ku, Yokohama

[Edit & Design supervision]

Our preservation executive committee

【Pre-Learning】Outline of Taya Cave preservation activities and regional culture, environment, and society (Yasuhiko Tamura)
© Copyright 田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会
【Inquiry Study 1】"Geology of Taya Cave" class
(Associate Professor Oguchi, Saitama University)
© Copyright 田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会
【Inquiry Study 2】"Let's see the usual scenery from various perspectives" class
(Associate Professor Hayakawa, Hokkaido University)
© Copyright 田谷の洞窟保存実行委員会
【Inquiry Study 3】"Let's use GSI Maps (GIS)" class
(Assistant Professor Ogura, University of Tsukuba)